How it came about...

Enthusiasm. Administrative challenges. APPsolute solution.

"I, Jonathan Bergen, have been very active as a coach for over 25 years, and I am currently the coaching director for the Vienna Soccer Federation's boys program and head coach for the city of Vienna (Austria, Europe) U-14 select team. Several years ago I was introduced to the Soccer Challenge concept and intregrated it into my youth program."

Thumbs Up ADVANTAGE // Motivation. Ambition. Personal results.

"I have observed the improvement of the player's motivation, ambition, reaction, and the one versus one skills due to the intensive increase of ball contacts. It seems to me that the greatest advantage is the fact that no player can hide in the game due to the fact that the team constellation changes after every game. The players play together and at the same time compete against each other."

Thumbs Down DISADVANTAGE // Unnecessary paperwork.

"In order to run a Soccer Challenge league you need 6 to 8 players in teams of three or four.Then you have to put all the goals, assists on the form and also calculate all the points and document it. After several years of doing this I have been able to do it all within two hours (one hour for creating the game format and one hour for calculating all the results). I have observed that many coaches decide against this trainingmodus due to the comprehensive administrative effort that is involved."

However, if you still want to use the paperwork, here is a free download:

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iPhone SOLUTION // Soccer Challenge Online.

In order to make it all easier for you we have developed a Soccer Challenge Online.

You can easily apply your players, games, results, scorers and assists directly with your smartphone and immediately show and send all your players all the results and standings.

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