The advantages of the Soccer Challenge Training

There are many coaches that are convinced that a Soccer Challenge Training has advantages and have used it for several years. Here is a list of advanteges that you can discover yourself...

  • 100% game time for all participants.
  • The increase of the amount of touches on the ball (technic training).
  • All aspects of the soccer game are trained.
  • Teaching players to be more independent and fair (game is played without referees).
  • Trainer

    Advantages for the coach

    • All players can play.
    • Thus no frustration and boredom.
    • No pressure to put players in specific positions.
    • Allows for an offensive style of play.
    • No substitutions.
  • Verein

    Advantages for the club

    • Not many coaches necessary to run the tournament.
    • Soccer Challenge works also with many players.
    • Clubs with atleast 6 players can participate.
    • The organization of the tournament is in the control of 1 to 2 persons.
    • Every participant has equal playing time (100%).
  • Spieler

    Advantages for the players

    • Game without referees.
    • The players learn to:
      • Play independently.
      • Play fair.
      • Solve potential conflict situations.

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