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Motivation. Playing time. Personal goals.

Soccer Challenge is a practice session where rotating small teams play in a league within their club and age-group.

It is with this game concept that you can include more game time and increase the motivation of your youth players.

At the end of every Soccer Challenge practice each individual player can see their personal results, and can instantly compare them with the other participants. You, as the coach, can analyse each individual player and observe their individual development.

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Soccer Challenge Online

Free. Without paperwork. With statistics.

We developed the Soccer Challenge web APP in order to enable you, the coach, without a lot of paperwork, to create and play a Soccer Challenge practice session.

The players can observe their results online immediatily following the games, and you, the coach, can gather interesting statistics throughout the season.

You, the coach, can use the Soccer Challenge web APP directly on the field using your smartphone or tablet. You can also set-up the game and print out the practice format prior to practice.

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