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With the help of Soccer Challenge Online you can concentrate on the game and on your players.

The game plan and all the results "happen by itself".

If you rather work with pen and paper, we have a free game plan for you.

You can use Soccer Challenge Online on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
It is and remains free.
PRO-Features are available 30 days for free.

Free. Without paperwork. With statistics.

The Soccer Challenge APP is a web based training instrument with the goal to serve in documenting the progress and the development of the individual player. You profit from the easy use and it is a simple organizing.

Following each tournament each player can see their results and can immediately observe the standings on the team's Soccer Challenge chart.

The collection of all the results and data (regular participation, points, etc.) enable a continious performance diagnostic thus allowing for an insight on the players development.

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Soccer Challenge Online offers you, the coach, during and after the training session obvious administrative and organizational advantages...

  • Easy to enter the tournaments.
  • Easy player selection.
  • Automatic calculation of the team pairings.
  • Automatische calculation of the overall table and the individual player's statistic.

Further Advantages:

  • The system automatically suggests the number of playing fields inorder to ensure a minimal standing time for each player.
  • The simultaneous use of this app by other coaches in the club is possible.
  • The coach and players have instant access to the evaluation.
  • The creation of a communications platform between the coach and player.

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