The Soccer Challenge Training

Here you can find a description of the training preparation, the rules and the pointsystem.

  • Spielmodus: 4 vs 4 oder 3 vs 3

    A league - As of 6 players

    Soccer Challenge is an alternative and competitive soccer training program that includes a "house" league where everyone plays (within their age-group/club) with and against everyone in a 4 vs. 4 or 3 vs. 3 format.

    We know that the competitive spirit and game time within youth teams can be lacking at times.

  • Soccer Challenge Guy

    More soccer related game time

    This game concept allows the increase of game time, ball contacts (encouraging 1 vs. 1) and the improvement of the swiftness of action.

    Due to the fact that every player plays each game in a different constellation. Each individual player is solely responsible for their points.

  • Fussballfeld mit Fussball und Bar-Statistik

    Statistics and progress

    Following each practice with Soccer Challenge each player can see their results and compare their standings. This allows for the creation of a healthy competitive atmosphere, which indirectly helps to increase the player's motivation. And this helps to improve the players concentration and ambition.

    The character of this game - Soccer Challenge - allows the technical and tactical analysis and documentation of each player.

  • Spielfeld

    Playing field

    4 vs. 4 / 132 x 66 feet (44 x 22 yards)
    3 vs. 3 / 99 x 66 feet (33 x 22 yards)

    Depending on what format/number of players on a team you want to use will determine the size of your playing field.

  • Tore


    Place two small goals (1 to 2 yard goals) across each other on the field.

    If you don't have small goals simply use cones.

  • Tore


    To ensure the needed intensity be sure to have extra balls around the playing field ready to replace the game ball when it is kicked out.

    The game is most effective without unnecessary time outs.

  • Game plan

    Print out your free game plan.

    Select your game format according to the number of players you have that day (3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4) and enter the names in the designated groups.

    Document during the game the goals (and the assists) and enter the results in the game plan.

    At the end you calculate all the results (see below).

  • or

  • Handy und Tablet


    Simply use Soccer Challenge Online.

    You select the players that are present and a game plan is automatically created for you.

    You can enter the results directly on site into your cellphone/tablet or print out the game plan.

    Soccer Challenge Online automatically calculates the points and gives you a detailed statistic.

  1. Game format

    You choose the game format depending on how many players you have on that day (3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4). Enter in the template the names of the players and their numbers which will determine the team pairings on the schedule. The order of play for the players should be done evenly.

  2. 6 games / "no teams"

    Every tournament has 6 games and ensures that every player never playes on the same team. Since every game has a new constellation of players.

  3. Game time / 4 minutes

    The game begins with a signal (whistle or horn). The duration of the game consists of a maximum of 4 minutes.

  4. Enter the goals scored (and assists)

    Make note of the score (goals and assists) during the game and enter them into the chart.

  5. Points

    Following the end of the tournament, add the points for each player.

  6. Overall table

    Following the calculation of the total points and point average for every individual player, you create an overall table.

Download now the game plan for free

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  • Playing time is 4 minutes.
  • No goalies.
  • No offsides.
  • Unlimited touches.
  • A goal counts when it is taken directly (first ball contact). This rule can be ignored - depending on the quality of the players.
  • The ball is not allowed to be played above the head. When this occurs the team that didn't have the ball gets a direct free kick.
  • No throw-in with the hands, the ball is brought back in play with the foot.
  • With corner kicks.

The players receive for every game the following possible points:

Win / 10 Points

= Tie / 5 Points

Loss / 2 Points

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